(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
We have four digital cameras in the house right now. Two we own, two we're testing. With so many lying around it's easy for one to go tumbling due to a late night cat race through the apartment. We've been trying to figure out a better way to store at least our permies, when we found this repurposed vintage tie project...

The idea comes from Christie Chase, who was actually simply following instructions from a guest post on Design*Sponge. Derek and Lauren wrote in to Design*Sponge about how they spiffed up their Canon camera strap with some new fabric. They simply made a little sock that their boring black strap could snake through and voilá, a cute new strap.

Christite used an old tie she bought for a buck and turned it into a cover for her camera strap.

We love the idea of sprucing up a camera strap and using it to hang your camera on the wall near your front door. That way you always know where your camera is -- after all, we're always tearing the apartment apart to find our digicam right as we're walking out the door. Bonus: it turns your camera and its strap into a working piece of wall art.

(Image: Christie Chase)