Residence Antilia: The World's Most Expensive Home

Residence Antilia: The World's Most Expensive Home

Maxwell Ryan
Jun 12, 2008

"Honey, I'm Home!" - Yes, the whole thing is home....

Owner: Nita and Mukesh Ambani
Name: Antilia
Location: Mumbai, India
Size: 27 stories, 400,000 square feet (virtually 50 stories)
Price: $2 billion
Designer: Perkins + Will and Hirsch Bedner Associates

We couldn't get to sleep last night, so we got up and paged through one of our favorite guilty pleasures, Forbes Magazine, and found this far out article: Inside The World's First Billion-Dollar Home. This really put our own 700 sf home in perspective, and - to be honest - made me feel a lot better about it. Nevertheless, in the house and home landscape this new home is definitely something to know about...

The Mr. and Mrs.

The Dining Room

First of all, the Ambani's home is big. How big? Try this: To get atop 6 floors of parking (168 cars), there are 9 elevator banks that take you to the top of one of Mumbai's tallest buildings in the downtown area. Three helipads sit on the roof, above the family residence is largely clustered on the top floors. In the middle is a four story open garden, health club, swimming pool, multiple guest residences, 50 seat theater, "snow" room for cooling down and room for the 600 full time staff.

Original green garden schematic

What is more interesting about Nita and Mukesh Ambani's new home, is that it is trying to be the "greenest" building in Mumbai and is designed along the principles of Vaastu and strives to achieve a full-on "garden in the sky" concept.

"It is designed as the largest and tallest "living wall" in the world -- a seamless, vertical garden that encompasses all walls of the building climbing to the [top] floor. Within this Vaastu tradition, the spine is regarded as the main source of support of the building, symbolically leading upward toward enlightenment. The various floor planes encombass a variety of garden tiers, terraces, water falls, ponds, recreational facilities, and enclosed, living areas that takes advantage of the most spectacular views of Mumbai and its waterfront." (via Jai)

Dig a little deeper and all homes get far more personal and interesting than they seem at first. And there's even more below. I've collected up all the good links below for your enjoyment. And now you'll have something spectacularly random and interesting to drop into conversation this weekend that will also make you feel even better about your own home ;-).

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