Resolution Renovation: Shoebox to Storage Box

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During the month of January, we'll be posting photos and tips on DIY renovation projects from our readers. The first twenty submissions posted will receive an AT bib or T-shirt. Please click here for all the details.

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Here's a project from reader Nomad Mama that makes good use of something that otherwise ends up in the garbage (or, hopefully, the recycling). She made a sweet, useful storage box out of an ordinary shoe box.

Location: Cary, North Carolina

Project Details: Here is a really simple project that I did to make an attractive storage box for my daughter's room. I just took the bottom part of a shoe box, covered it with glossy gift wrap paper, and then added a couple of embellishments to it. Super easy, we all have unwanted shoe boxes and perhaps some left over gift wrap lying around!

Materials used: Bottom part of shoe box, gift wrap (can use any kind of paper!), scissors, scotch tape, a couple of embellishments.

Time taken: Under 30 minutes

Level of difficulty: Basic

Best project tip: A collection of boxes covered with your favorite papers can look great lined along a shelf. Quick, easy storage!


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Thanks for sharing a great project! See more at her blog, Nomad Mama.

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