Resources: Ralph Lauren Home

Resources: Ralph Lauren Home

Beth Zeigler
Sep 2, 2008

090208ralph-01.jpgAs Apartment Therapy editors, we love finding and passing on helpful design resources when we happen to run across them. This particular resource piqued our interest not only for the helpful how-to sections but we also couldn't resist replaying each instructional video. Read why after the jump.

Immediately after clicking on the Ralph Lauren Video Style Guide page our speakers started playing the gentle tapping of a piano followed by a soothing narrators voice. We quickly watched all five Style guides and landed on our favorite, "The Simplicity of White." A light, simple techno-ish beat is established and our familiar narrators voice is telling us how to use white in a space. He suggests if we're afraid of color start with white and add one color and continues with this advice, "White works its magic on a riot of colors as well. These rooms layer color and pattern with abandon. However a background with white keeps the riot in check." Ralph Lauren Home does a great job translating their classic style with the Style Guide leading the way. Not only will you pick up a few tips, you're "in the mood" to decorate.
Before you sign off, don't forget to check out the Q&A section answering questions like "What pieces of furniture work best for storage?" to "What's the best way to display a collection of art or photographs?" We were also excited to find a city guide for Los Angeles which included rare book dealers in the area. Also not to be missed is the painting how-to section which offers various techniques on feigning natural linen and suede walls.

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