Finding Interior Inspiration: 8 Super Stylish Restaurants

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I don't know whether to blame the atmosphere, the conversation or the wine, but I'm never more inspired than when I'm out to eat with friends. A restaurant's livelihood depends on being able to make its diners feel comfortable ("at home," if you will), so I shouldn't be surprised that some stand-out eateries have really incredible interiors worthy of a second look.

My personal favorite is an open-hearth seasonal restaurant here in Atlanta, King + Duke by Chef Ford Fry. You know that friend who has effortless style? The 6000 square foot space designed by Meyer Davis feels just like sitting in their cozy living room.

The style of a restaurant's dining room or open kitchen obviously translates well as inspiration for yours at home. But look elsewhere too — the lobby, patio, even restrooms— to find well-thought out style in every inch.

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Little House Mayfair
London, UK

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No. 11 Pimlico Road
London, UK

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Nashville, TN

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Ma Cocotte
Paris, France

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New York, NY

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Napa Valley, CA

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Toronto, Canada

These lounges, bars and restaurants are heralded for their style worldwide, but I'm sure you know of a great spot in your hometown with good food and even better interior design. Spill it!

(Image credits: No. 11 Pimlico Road; King + Duke / Meyer Davis; Little House Mayfair; Husk; Ma Cocotte; Bobo; Archetype; Union)

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