Restoration Tips for Curbside-Find Credenza?

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Q: I picked up this old credenza that had been sitting on someone's curb for a few weeks. It had sat through some rainy days and cold temperatures. There are quite a few nicks, some warping of the wood veneer, obvious water damage, a broken leg, and a weird pee? There was a lot of cat hair found while cleaning it.

I still love this piece and would like to restore it myself, but have not the slightest idea as to how. I would like to stain it a dark walnut color. If anyone has any advice, photos, product suggestions, or guides as to how to do this, it would be greatly appreciated!! I've included an overall photo of the credenza and a close-up of the condition of the wood, which is pretty much consistent throughout the exterior.

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(Image credits: Antoinette)