Restore Grandma's Chair or Let It Go?

Restore Grandma's Chair or Let It Go?

Gregory Han
Feb 1, 2010

Q: We own my Grandma's club lounge chair, which was made in Sydney in 1952. It's gorgeous, but our cat Andy has used it as a scratching post. I want to restore it, but the quotes range between $3000-$4000AUD. Hubby wants to buy an inexpensive sofa from the local department store. I do not want to consume more mass-produced "stuff", which in Australia is usually imported from China. What do AT reader's advise? Restore or replace?

Sent by Sarah

Editor - What's your vote? Any recommendations for Sarah, husband and Andy? All we know is Andy needs a few more scratching posts to call his own and perhaps a regular set of Soft Paws and some double sided Sticky Paws tape.

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