Retail Mystery: Pottery Barn Portable Massage Table?

Retail Mystery: Pottery Barn Portable Massage Table?

Janel Laban
Nov 6, 2007

Hmmm. Does this strike anyone else as a sort of bizarre marriage of item and retailer? We were looking through the PB holiday catalog, and, just past all the ornaments and gifty decor, on a full page of prime glossy real estate sat this $499 portable massage table...

It says "perfect for professionals", but somehow it seems unlikely that pro masseuses would think to shop at Pottery Barn for their equipment.

Perhaps it is supposed to be a gift item? While we know plenty of people who would like a gift certificate to a spa for a massage as a gift, we can't think of a soul who would want this table hanging around their home. we just saw that JC Penney sells them as well.

Is there an portable massage table craze sweeping the nation? Now we're curious...AT readers, do you own a massage table?

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