We're a bit unhinged over these stunning images of artist Klemens Torggler's door designs we saw over at Fast Company's Co.Design. Part sculpture, part divider, these graceful panels seemingly float open and closed with a light touch. Suddenly, traditional doors seem clunky and outdated.

Torggler has several models of his incredible, geometric marvels — using rods, epitrochoid curves and folding triangles to smoothly rotate panels away from the door opening. Just look at these GIFs from the Troggler Door Systems website.

(Image credit: Klemens Torggler Doors)

These rods remain straight but allow the square panels to rotate on a single top and bottom hinge.

(Image credit: Klemens Torggler Doors)

This room-width screen rotates vertically on its axis.

(Image credit: Klemens Torggler Doors)

This eight panel door can be a single unit, or split into two side-by-side panels that move independently.

We'd have to see them in person to make any judgment about how these unusual designs accomplish actual door jobs like blocking noise and light or retaining heat, but the wow factor sure can't be beat.

These versions appear to be prototypes right now, but Co.Design reports that a few of Torggler's doors are available from Vienna gallery, the Artelier Collection or check out more of Torggler's doors in action on his YouTube Channel.

Via: Co.Design