Retro Electronics: 10 Smart Sources

Retro Electronics: 10 Smart Sources

Sarah Coffey
Jun 9, 2010

If you love vintage electronics, but you're not a fan of sorting through broken stereo parts in the thrift store, this is the guide for you. Vintage style plus contemporary technology equals good looking electronics that work. Here's where to shop for them.

Radios, Speakers, & Turntables

d6610ed6b9a6313d8efee4822a010d98862ed588. w.94 h.71 s.centercrop Crosley
Crosley's product lines are a "new-stalgic" blend of retro style and modern sound. The outside looks old, but the insides are all new. They carry portable USB turntables, classic phones, and 40s and 50s-style radios.

bf4436cdc5941bacc4b78d06988faf398b16e645. w.94 h.71 s.centercrop Tivoli Audio
Their radios, hi-fi's, and iPod systems are beautiful. Prices are on the high end, but so is the quality. Our favorites are the table radios, many of which have wood casings.

8bdebef283bfb1bcb23acecb0ec3102abb3e3ab0. w.94 h.71 s.centercrop Jerry Raskin's Needle Doctor
Needle Doctor is an online store that markets itself as the "world's largest selection of turntables, needles, cartridges, and more." They ship domestically and internationally.

f98abcb8465ced78a4f6ce031b8786ec56a30c6c. w.94 h.71 s.centercrop Exeluxe
Made by hand in the Bay Area, these speakers are made to look like vintage Fender amps. You can choose a series of custom 'tolex' coverings and grillcloths and average cost for the pair is $240.

131eae3b7154505650183f767a2cf5a1c8dee695. w.94 h.71 s.centercrop Dijital Fix
Located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, this electronics store also has an online shop where they carry a well curated selection of speakers, turntables, headphones, iPod accessories, and pretty much any home audio system that looks cool and sounds cool.

Clocks, Gadgets, Lighting & All the Rest

8833618158b4bdd04a577e01b8ce7e55d1e77081. w.94 h.71 s.centercrop Etsy
It's not exactly an electronics superstore, but Etsy has a ton of vintage lamps, clocks, fans, and even some home audio equipment. Shown left is a $22 vintage yellow task lamp from Etsy seller Sugarpush.

4985bc7619ec56ddf6427425e405b4c0a22aff6e. w.94 h.71 s.centercrop Karlsson Clocks
Based in the Netherlands, Karlsson sells modern black and white clocks to stores around the world. They also have a website where you can find a retailer in your neck of the woods.

a9577716455296c92a4dd6be31924e050fff8312. w.94 h.71 s.centercrop At Work Design
This Chicago store carries a bunch of our favorite classic task lamps and clocks. This is the $260 Anglepoise Lamp, first designed 75 years ago by George Carwardine.

ca899a8e390461af3697cf1cf78aaeed7b7a46a3. w.94 h.71 s.centercrop Urban Outfitters
They carry several retro-style lines of gadgets, lighting, clocks, speakers, headphones, and turntables. This is the Bubble Wall Clock, $98.

f8482320d8e0c653d102f965e3acb5b19b607591. w.94 h.71 s.centercrop Think Geek
Unplggd Editor Gregory sums up this store really well: "Think Geek is to the LifeHacker crowd as Restoration Hardware is to the Martha Stewart audience." They carry a a few things that evoke the days of by-gone tech, like this $100 Retro Game Emulator, which lets you load old Sega Genesis games into a hand-held controller.

Photo: Tivoli Audio

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