If there's anything we believe here at Apartment Therapy is using what you've already got, whether it be an old chair makeover or leftovers cooked up to perfection. So goes the same for old tech...in this case old audio speakers you might have laying around the garage, attic, or basement waiting to be brought back to service...and with wireless connectivity!
Paul Cocksedge of Paul Cocksedge Studio proposes reenlisting old audio speakers for duty instead of purchasing a brand new one of those newfangled Bluetooth or Airplay enabled devices, not a bad idea if you've got some decent bookshelf or hi-fi speakers that still work. The Vamp looks like a tiny version of the Boxee media player stripped of branding, but instead of pushing out TV and movies, this diminutive audio accessory works as a 4 watt single-channel amplifier with Bluetooth connectivity built in. That means your old speakers will be almost as good as any of those new kids on the block wireless doodads (sans portability).

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

The Vamp connects to the back of any speaker via a two-way jack and can stream music from bluetooth devices within a ten metre range. Shaped like a cube with a corner sliced off, it can be attached anywhere on the speaker using a foam pad or a magnet that pairs with one inside. It can be constantly powered when hooked up using a USB port or power adapter, and has a rechargeable battery life of over ten hours.

Here are a few other ways to add Bluetooth connectivity to other speakers you might have laying around waiting for a new lease on life: