Reuse Project Ideas for Vintage Display Case?

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Q: I eagerly read through all the Before/After projects that I see on here, though this post is not that. It's more the opposite: several years ago, a friend gave me this display case that was too large for her to move with. She said it was from the 1940's/50's, and I have no idea what it was once used for (ties? pens?). I adopted it thinking that some great DIY epiphany would soon occur but sadly, none arrived. So I'm bringing it to this forum, wondering if someone out there can see magic potential in this piece that I clearly cannot. Any suggestion is welcome, and I'll happily report back to show off the final product. Anyone?

The case is wood and glass (the glass is chipped, but easily fixable). There's a locked door in the back. Its dimensions are 17"w x 19"h, and the depth is 7.5" at the top, expanding to 13" at the base. I've included a can of soda alongside it for context.

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