Reuse & Restyle: 10 Home DIY Project Ideas for Leftover Paint

Have you used paint on a previous DIY project — maybe painted a room in your home or the cabinets in your kitchen — and find yourself with a couple of cans taking up space and collecting dust in a closet or a garage? There are plenty of DIY details you can add to your home with just a little bit of paint. Perhaps one of these real-life project examples will spark some inspiration to make use of some leftover paint you've got around the house?

Pictured above: If you've just got small amounts of many colors, why not make a rainbow of a decision and paint some stripes on a small piece of furniture. Even better if it's a bench with slats!

Use just a bit of leftover paint to add contrast to an old piece of furniture that needs spicing up. It would make for a great detail if it was the same color as a wall.

Have a few colors to play with? Why not add some geometry to a vintage piece of furniture in a pattern that enhances the piece's architecture.

Have a small seat like a stool? Adding just a bit of color with left over paint or spray paint (or both) can make it really stand out.

Ombre is a great way to stretch a little bit of paint color, and a neat effect to add to a piece of furniture to add personality.

Consider using a little bit of leftover paint to add some personality to something utilitarian or industrial, like a fan!

You don't just have to have some leftover colored paint; you could add contrast and freshness to a piece of furniture with leftover white paint!

Even just a bit of leftover spray paint can make a huge impact on something small like a lamp.

Don't have enough paint to cover an entire chair? Just paint some parts of it.

Planters are a perfect canvas for any leftover paint colors you have lying around because they're small in surface but big in impact!

How have you put leftover paint to use around your house? Share any ideas you have in case they spark some inspiration for someone else!

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