Reuse the Roll: Toilet Paper Crafts

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When I lived alone I feel like I went through toilet paper at a normal pace, but these days I feel like my small family should buy stock in Charmin. Mostly, I recycle the empty rolls, but my son has been plucking them out of the bin asking to make things so I turned to the web for some inspiration.

Above are just five ideas for simple crafts you and your kids can do using empty toilet paper rolls. Even without a marker, glue or any embellishment, you can stack them up like blocks or knock them down with a small ball like bowling. Definitely one of the more versatile items in your recycling bin.

(Images: 1. Crescent and Old Lace 2. A Little Learning for Two 3. Creative Jewish Mom 4. That's What We Said 5. Carrie McBride)

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