Green Gifts: Glasses Made from Salvaged Beer Bottles

This weekend we got a totally unique housewarming gift – tumblers made from salvaged beer bottles. The glasses come from Etsy sellers ReusefulObjects who salvages used bottles such as wine, beer & juice to make drinking glasses. Each bottle is cut, and then the rim is ground, sanded, and polished for a very smooth edge. Some of glasses the duo produces has a permanent design printed by the manufacturer, which is a fun detail. But they all have an original design that they have hand-drawn and permanently etched into the glass. They also do custom work depending on how complicated the design is. Each set is made to order, 4 tumblers for $25-60 depending on intricacy of etching.
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We’ve seen reused bottles before, but ReusefulObjects has done a beautiful etching job. The glasses will be perfect way to enjoy some agua fresca on these final summer days.

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