Reversible Décor Month continues...

Reversible Décor Month continues...

Nov 20, 2006

November by Emily Payne
Lots of blog news to share today...

First, as you can see above, Emily Payne is back! Emily is an East Bay artist who did the illustrations for the first AT book and for the launch of AT:SF over this past spring and summer. We'll be featuring a build-up-to-completion of Emily's drawings in our Monday posts, with prints available here.

Second, Reversible Décor continue to be our theme this month. (Reversible Décor = all the things you do to make a rented space beautiful and workable without jeopardizing your security deposit.)

All you renters out there: we'd love to see your Reversible Décor ideas, and we're going to do a give-away of AT books to the first 25 submitters we receive - minus one which is going to MamaChilanga, who stirred the kettle last week with two great ideas (here and here) pulled from her voluminous bag of tricks. Email us with yours: sf (at) apartmenttherapy (dot) com.

Finally, we're accepting submissions for new AT bloggers in two new categories, The Nursery and Home Tech (title-in-progress), as well as an additional person for AT:LA. Details on how to submit are here.

As always, we love to post your tips, resources, dilemmas, questions, and pics, so be in touch!

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