Reversible Décor Month Segues into December...

Reversible Décor Month Segues into December...

Dec 4, 2006

November by Emily Payne
December dawns, and we're still trying to figure out this Reversible Décor thing! You know, those clever, improvised solutions and aesthetic improvements that damage neither the landlord's property nor the renter's pocket book.

Several readers have already shared their ideas (check them out here, here, and here), and we'll post yours, too. E-mail pics to us at sf (at) apartmenttherapy (dot) com. To sweeten the deal, we're sending AT books to the first 25 submissions, so take your snapshots and get them to us this week!

Also this week, we're continuing to assemble our Bay Area Top Shop Directory. You'll see posts asking for your faves in several categories, and others where you'll be polled on the nominees. Please chime in!

As always, we love to hear your tips, resources, dilemmas, questions, and pics, so be in touch!

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