Reversible Décor Month Continues...

Reversible Décor Month Continues...

Dec 18, 2006

This is our last week of the Reversible Décor theme. Send in pics of your leave-no-trace decorating solutions for life in a rental and we'll get them on the front page tout de suite! (AT books for all takers, as a thank you.)

This week we also complete our 2006 Bay Area Top Shop Directory. So far we've selected the Best Pricey Homestore (Limn), the Best Store for Lighting (Ikea), the Best Store for Modern Gifts (either Zinc Details or Doe), and the Best Bang for the Buck (craigslist). Right now we're taking nominations for the Best Gardening Store, and later this week, the Best for DIY.

In the meantime, we continue a big thank you to our readers with the 2006 Gift Bag. Watch the frontpage each day for a bold red banner and details about the day's bling, and then e-mail Justine if you see something you covet (the post will include instructions)!

As always, we love to hear your tips, resources, dilemmas, questions, and pics, so be in touch...

Image: Ashi

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