(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
Last week's Good Question for non-toxic wood care inspired me to tell you a great floor care system I've been trying out. Last year my BF & I recieved the non-toxic Bona Hardwood Floor Care System as a housewarming gift from his mother, who swore by it's awesomeness. The system came with a washable microfiber dusting pad, microfiber cloth and mop, and the Bona Hardwood cleaner. After a full year of use our floors are still looking great, and we can certify that Bona is amazing.

All it takes is a little spritz and a swipe of the mop and our hardwood floors are easily cleaned. There's no oily residue and, unlike other cleaners, no need to rinse off with water. The microfiber dusting pad works on virtually any surface and is really great at picking up dust and pet hair. As part of the gift we recieved an extra microfiber cleaning pad, but the pad cleans up so nicely we haven't had to use the back-up yet.

Bona's products are all non-toxic, low-VOC and GreenGuard Certified. Beyond cleaning Bona carries many types of floor finishes, sealers, fillers and stains. Check out ATCH's review of Bona X, a hardwood refresher.