Wired Magazine: Fine Art -- Now Reduced!

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Snack-o-tainment is what Wired dubs the trend to small packages of everything available to us, especially in the form of our media. In the March 2007 edition, Wired bring us reduced print art via the internet--both in size and price--through Tiny Showcase.

What we love about this find is the ability for technology to bring media to us in multiple forms (music, television, and a source for purchasing non-electronic art). Small prints, in exchange for a small amount of cash, net original art from artists we probably wouldn't have otherwise gotten to know if it weren't for sites like Tiny Showcase.

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Each print is only available in an edition of 200, upping the collectability factor. New prints go up every Tuesday night and often sell out by midnight, so set a reminder on your calendar to prompt you to check out the site each week.

The top image is "The Walks I Take Turn To Paper" by Gregory Euclide, and the lower image is "Mr. Doggie Goes Fishing" by Jesse LeDoux.


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