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Discovered at Real Simple via Practically Green, these simple laundry tips help decrease negative ecological impacts associated with water usage and chemical laden laundry.

1. Reduce Temperature: turning down the temperature on your washing machine will not only help preserve the quality for clothing but can significantly reduce energy consumption as well.
2. Use Full Loads: washing full loads every time you fill your machine can lessen the amount and the frequency of washing.

3. Choose Non-Chemical Bleach and Dryer Sheets: making the choice to stay away from harsh chemicals and synthetic fragrances is safer for you, your family and the environment.
4. Hang Clothes to Dry: hanging your clothes ala European style helps aerate clothing naturally, preserve its life and eliminate extra energy costs.
5. Switch to Natural Detergents: this is more of a no-brainer as someone concerned with green living but is notable nonetheless. Consider making your own inspired by some of our posts, linked below.

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