Rex Ray Prize Package Winner: ebw

Rex Ray Prize Package Winner: ebw

Dec 3, 2007

We happen to be huge fans of Rex Ray's work, so we weren't surprised to see that many of you are as well. In the end, it was ebw's entry in last week's giveaway that was the winner:

"When Rex Ray's work was on display in the Bank of America building, it stopped me cold on my way from Starbucks back to my sad little cubicle. His work was colorful, unique and startlingly gorgeous. And in the middle of the financial district, those qualities seemed almost subversive. I took four of the exhibit information cards up the elevator and back to my cube, where they stay in permanent exhibit and much-appreciated contrast to the company calendar."

Congratulations to ebw! And a big thank you goes out to everyone who entered, as well as to Chronicle Books for making the giveaway possible.

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