Some friends of mine used to decorate their table for festive dinners with a multitude of streamers and ribbons pouring down from the ceiling and gently pooling onto the table top. The ribbons would be all different colors and widths and the resulting look was fun and festive to the nth degree.

Despite the ribbons reaching from ceiling to table and even to the chairs and semi blocking views of your dining companions, there was still something so wonderful about it all. It felt spontaneous and creative, like a good party should be. I tried searching for similar settings online and these were the closest I could find but very different in feeling as they are waaay more formal. The first two images are from Ballantine House, a National Historic Landmark in Newark and part of the Newark Museum. The whole house, including the table setting, was decorated to show what a traditional Christmas would be like in 1891. I do like the idea of the ribbons being attached to favors at each setting.
The last image is from Canadian House and Home and is similar to the above, just without the presents.