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Redwood City, CA
United States
What do you love about your bedroom?:
I love the furniture I curated for this room, the print of the goat (by a Minnesota artist) and my textiles that I layer the bed with. The bed was repurposed from old temple pillars (by an L.A. store called Tara Home) and the two mismatched Tibetan nightstands imbue this place with a lot of personality. I also love the huge windows that face the bed. When the bushes outside are flowering, humming birds come in droves. Bees too.
What are your tips for creating a beautiful, healthy and organized bedroom?:
The nightstand on my husband's side of the bed (with its 9 drawers) helps keep his stuff organized. Mine has two shelves too and I keep my reading material in there.
In modern homes, bedrooms have become more than just a place to sleep; they can be a retreat, a home office, a library, a relaxation zone. What are some ways you make the most of your bedroom?:
I have my treadmill on one side of the bedroom (it is a long, long room). When my girl was younger, her toys were often in there too.