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Costa Mesa, CA
Square Feet:
What I Love About My Small Home:
The garage. I have been tinkering in garage's since I was a little kid and couldn't dream of a place with out somewhere to work. I didn't care how small the living space was as long as I had somewhere to call "shop." Having this space to work, and an Ikea As-Is section near by allowed me to create this little studio home I love so much. I was fortunate that my landlord let me have a little freedom. I was able to paint and build in some of the shelving with out any issues. Combining my love of mid-century design, science fiction and world travels, I have created a place to express my interests and my work, along with the work of others that I enjoy. Even though the place might seem cluttered, a wondering mind will never cease to find something to explore.
Biggest Challenge of Living in a Small Space
Besides cooking with out setting off the fire alarm, the biggest challenge was dividing the space up in to functional and cohesive areas. Although this is all just one big room, you get the feeling that you have entered multiple spaces. This is due to the ceiling high all-in-one room divider which was the biggest challenge. It serves as my computer desk, book shelf, and media cabinet. With hidden electronic storage and a swiveling tv, it not only provides entertainment from all angles, but a visual showcase as well. For added shelving I built the unit around the wall heater which serves more as my library. I took advantage of the local Ikea As-Is to build my bedframe, intersecting coffee tables, bar, and outside patio which is still in progress. All in all, nothing was too difficult with careful planning and a detailed model in SketchUp.

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