Riedel Swirl Decanter, Charcoal & Portugese Beer Glass

Maxwell’s Daily Find 04.30.12

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Riedel Swirl Decanter, Charcoal & Portugese Beer Glass

• from $32.95

Ok, this is a daily find that consists of three things that I've put together and find make a really nice bedside water carafe.

The first thing you need is the really light, easy to grab Swirl decanter from Riedel ($33), which is not too expensive. Then you empty into it a package of binchotan charcoal with iouseki stones from DWR ($25) to purify the water. Finally, you couple that with a Portugese Beer Glass from Kiosk ($6) and put one upside down in the top of the decanter. Voila! The unique shape of this glass fits really nicely into the opening on top and keeps both glass and decanter covered and free of dust.

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