Right Brain Terrain: Alternative Motivational Posters

Right Brain Terrain: Alternative Motivational Posters

Cambria Bold
Mar 24, 2009

We've never been much for motivational posters. While the sentiment is right, they always come off looking cheesy and cheap. Right Brain Terrain's AMPs (alternative motivational posters) try to avoid the cliché. They don't look like they're trying to make me climb a mountain or swim the English Channel. Instead, these 100% post-consumer recycled posters are subtle and kind of cool. Or, as RBT says on their website, they're "wall coverings to hide the hole you punched when your best friend crashed your car." Ah yes. We all have days like that.

Even just looking at the "Patience" poster above with all the stop signs is making my heart beat faster! See more posters below...

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