River North "Bachelor Pad"

Chicago Tribune

Artist Lincoln Shatz bought an apartment designed by Architect Ralph Johnson a few years ago - 1800 square feet with a 55 foot long terrace and three story glass atrium. So, no, it's not small and cool, but it does feature some nice design (Shatz shopped at Luminaire)...take a peek below the jump for some photos:

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Wegner Chairs and Piero Lissoni's Extra Wall Seating System
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Orange Rasta Ottomans by Paulo Haubert

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Super large scale custom kitchen designed by the architect - approximates a high end German line of cabinetry at about half the cost.

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Marcel Wanders Lamp

According to the article from The Tribune, Shatz was aiming for the worlds best bachelor pad - but fate intervened and, three days after moving in, he had his first date with his future wife. The couple are now expecting their a child, so it was a quick leap from bachelor pad to family home!

Read the entire article here.

Via: Chicago Tribune and NJ.com

Photos: Bill Hogan/Chicago Tribune

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