River Stone Vases

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The problem with a lot of vases is that they're too precious. Add together a vase, a few active couch jumping visitors under ten and a hostess who sometimes is known by the nickname "Stubby" and there's bound to be damage, breakage...or worse. But flowers in the house are a deal breaker. These River Stone Vases solve the problem in a tactile and inviting way...

In sets of three, no two sets are alike. We'd like them indoors, yes, but also outdoors on a garden table where we'd leave them and let the elements carve their magic further. They'd also be great for holding candles or cutlery for an buffet. And, since the stone toughens up a floral display, they'd also work in a masculine setting, where the suggestion of adding a few posies can be a skittish proposition. Available through Our Green House.