Escape: Road Tripping with Your Pet

Escape: Road Tripping with Your Pet

Abby Stone
Aug 26, 2008

The best trips are the ones taken with your best friend. What better friend to take along than your canine (or feline) one? But traveling with your pet can provide challenges human traveling companions don't. Here are some tips to get you on the road and back home safely...

  • Take some practice runs: Whether it's the car or the pet carrier, start slowly, small and short. Take a short trip to the grocery store and see how your friend behaves. An animal who's well-behaved at home may act out while on the road
  • Tag your pet: Identify your pet and include your cell phone number on his collar. Consider having your vet inject your pet with a microchip implant to make sure you'll be reunited with Fido should he ever run off.
  • Seat belts are for pets too: Whether carrier, car harness or crate, pets (and passengers) are safer. You buckle up for safety, shouldn't your canine friend?
  • Heads inside. Dirt and gravel can be stirred up by a quickly moving car and get in your pet's ears, eyes, nose or mouth causing injury or infection.
  • Pet Pit Stop: Stretching is good for pets as well as humans. Take a short walk and let your pet release some energy.
  • Car sickness applies to pets too. Make your pet's pre-travel meal a light one.
  • Try to maintain your pet's normal routine: Regular walks and feedings (of his regular food) keep your pet healthy and happy.

[Image: OcBeeJay's Flickr, with a Creative Commons License]

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