Rob Forbes Calling: Job Offers at His New Startup

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Remember this signature? What the hell do you do for a second act after building Design Within Reach into a multi-million dollar, publicly traded company? Why not it again? We knew that Rob Forbes had stepped back from running DWR last year, so we were pleased and surprised to receive an email from him yesterday looking for some skilled help among you readers...

Turns out that Rob is starting a new company in San Francisco, the exact nature of which is still very much a secret, but it entails "a non-traditional approach to design and retailing." Sound interesting? Currently he's looking for immediate hires in the following areas:

• Operations Manager
• Sales Manager
• Visual Display
• Support Functions

You can get the skinny and contact Rob at this link and check out his new website wherein the mystery will certainly be revealed. Thanks Rob and good luck to all applicants!

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