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Winter Haven, FL
Square Feet:
What I Love About My Small Home:
I love the character of my older home. To me, this was one of the most important things while house hunting. My bathroom has yellow tile, which wouldn't have been my first choice of color, but I love vintage tile, so I'm thrilled to have it. I painted my bathroom a dark grey-green, which is almost black, to compliment the tile and make it look more intentional. Everyone thought I was crazy to paint my bathroom black, but now we all love it. I also love that I've been able to almost completely furnish my home with vintage finds, Etsy purchases, family pieces, and gifts (except my giant IKEA couch, of course-- I love finally having a regular-sized couch). It makes it that much more special to me. I also love the paint color in the living room. It's a super light "greige" that most people probably don't even notice, but I hunted so long for the exact shade that I wanted.
Biggest Challenge of Living in a Small Space:
Like many others, my biggest challenge is storage. We've solved that problem, at least somewhat, by buying vintage and antique furniture with built in storage. My parents bought me an awesome antique wardrobe to add extra clothing storage. Also, while my actual square footage isn't terribly tiny, the layout can be challenging. In my living room, I have four doorways, two large windows, a built in bookcase (that I didn't want to cover), and a cable hookup (that I needed to use). This made furniture placement next to impossible. I normally hate angling furniture, but that ended up being necessary to create a useable layout. The bonus was that it created a storage area behind the couch, which is great for storing my huge banjo case! Also, my "guest room" is more a sun porch off the living room. I really wanted a guest bed though, so I put a twin bed out there and now call it my "sleeping porch." It's a little different, but serves my purposes.
If I am the Grand Prize winner of Small Cool, the item(s) or project(s) from my home design wishlist that I'd like to spend my winnings on are::
I have been wanting some awesome Grow House Grow wallpaper for a wall in my kitchen!