A Robot Lamp We Would Never Hide

A Robot Lamp We Would Never Hide

Taryn Williford
Jan 23, 2009

If you're not of the "anti-commercializing-the-hipster-movement" movement, you should keep Urban Outfitters' online 'APARTMENT' site bookmarked for great home tech decor. We've already featured flexible gooseneck laptop speakers, USB-powered fans and vacuums, a podcast kit, and a fake security camera. Now, we have the awesomely kitschy, yet delightfully tasteful, robot lamp...

Show off your geekosity like a heart on your sleeve with a desktop lamp shaped like a robot. Because, really, what room couldn't use more robot decor?

But really, this lamp is actually really tasteful and cool. When we heard 'robot lamp' we thought it would be better suited for a kids room on Ohdeedoh, but it's actually something we wouldn't only love to display in our bedroom, but even in our living room—and even when mommay and daddy dearest are visiting. This lamp is worth the "How old are we?" comments.

This ceramic lamp base is finished with a metallic silver coating and retails for $30.00 on Urban Outfitters' Web site.

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