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New York, NY
Square Feet:
What I Love About My Small Home:
The first thing that hit me when I moved in was the large nearly floor-to-ceiling windows that flooded the apartment with life. That may have been the only thing really worth noting, until the decision to throw on a dark coat of paint came into the mix. I always wanted to have a place that felt sleek and modern, simple and comfortable. And I wanted that place to be close to all the things you I love about Manhattan, while at the same time being able to escape from it every time I came home. Yes, the calendar is old, but I keep it around for sentimental reasons.
Biggest Challenge of Living in a Small Space:
Since I already owned a projector, I wanted to somehow capture a legitimate home theater setup in a small space. It took a few configurations and layout ideas before I settled on the 'multiple view' arrangement. That way, I could have the choice to look out over the city, or drop the screen and take in a movie (or show) in my own personal theater. Yes, I know the image is of last year's contest, but minor details!
If I am the Grand Prize winner of Small Cool, the item(s) or project(s) from my home design wishlist that I'd like to spend my winnings on are::
I hardly think I have a chance with some of the powerhouse submissions in this year's contest, but if I was able to get lucky enough, I'd likely upgrade the key pieces: bigger electronic screen, upgrades to the dining table and sofa, and maybe a decision to part with the dated calendar that I keep around for sentimental reasons.