Have you noticed the crazy upswing in rattan furnishings? Some of it is beautiful and timeless in a really great, 70's boho kind of way. Some of it, well, it probably reminds many of us of our own childhoods! One thing I never saw then, but I'm now swooning for: vintage rattan rocking horses.

Though not "cheap" by most second-hand standards, these rocking horses actually aren't completely out of reach either. The more pressing concern is most likely the safety for your child. That has to be decided on a case by case basis (your child's age, the quality of the rocking horse, etc.) However, for those who love the idea of decorating with a rattan rocking horse, I see no harm in adding a horse to an unused corner of your stylish living room. Add a sheepskin throw and a couple mod pillows for the full, on-trend effect. At least, in my dream home I could definitely see it!

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