Romantic Bedroom Week: Renee's Red Snow Studio

Romantic Bedroom Week: Renee's Red Snow Studio

Maxwell Ryan
Feb 13, 2008

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Name: Renee c.f.
Location: Lynn, MA

Picture Description: The Red Snow Studio: While not a bedroom, the feel of this photo is what the perfect bedroom means to me. The passion and color pop of a deep red, the seclusion and quietness of the woods and the comfort and crispness of the newly fallen snow....

The snow blanket also invokes the feeling I want from the feel of my bed. The bedroom can be aesthetically amazing, but if your bed isn't comfortable, then what's the point? It's also a photo of a very personal and emotionally meaningful place to me (where I proposed) and that sentimentality and personal touch is something that's important in my bedroom. It might be cheesy, but I want my bedroom to be an inspiring escape and cocoon all in one, and for me, this does it.

Romantic Bedroom Tip:

I try to only keep things that I love in the bedroom - that includes art, books and company! And never underestimate the comfort of a newly washed down blanket and natural light - not to mention a good mattress!

Thanks, Renee!

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