Ron Rezek's Ball Fan

Ron Rezek's Ball Fan

Regina Yunghans
May 11, 2007

We installed this ceiling fan in our home last year, as we're real holdouts when it comes to using the old a/c. It's the Ball Fan, designed by Ron Rezek for The Modern Fan Company...

We've been very happy with the simple design. There are more adventurous fans out there, but we liked this one's ability to just fade away. Ours is gloss white, though it also comes in brushed stainless, as shown in the photos.

Here's the one thing we hate about it, which we did't know before purchasing. When used as a light source, the glass shade on the fan is slightly elongated instead of round, which totally ruins the Ball Fan premise. The fan comes standard with both covers, so you can always switch to the non-light option if it's a deal-breaker for you.

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