Room & Board Presents: Small Cool Seating for the Small Cool Home

Room & Board Presents: Small Cool Seating for the Small Cool Home

Jill Slater
Apr 30, 2008
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We keep talking about multi-purpose furniture for small spaces and/or small homes. Well, stools have always been about that...

...but cubes are edging in on the short stool empire. And to stake their ground, they are cute, cushioned and comfy, and more often than not full of secret compartments.

Room and Board's Pandora tries to be all things to all people. You can sit on it, put things inside it, and then create a hard surface on top when you want to put things on it. It pretty much wins in terms of the multi-purpose category. If you think of each function as a unique object, then its like three pieces of furniture in one and the price seems eminently more economical.

Their Lind cocktail ottoman has a different skill set--it knows how to swivel and roll around thanks to its four casters. While the mobile attribute may prove challenging for someone less agile, its great for a spontaneous room rearrangement.

When it comes to the lounge chair, many see it as something superfluous in a small home. But if you really enjoy a good reading chair, you just might want one of these instead of a couch. They are certainly sensuous enough to command the attention of a room. And if you are faced with transforming a nook or an alcove into your 'living room,' one of these would be just right. The chair will offer a sense of relief and comfort rather than claustrophobia every time you laid eyes on it across the room.

These chairs make their own visual statement--they are available in a variety of colors in addition to custom opportunities galore, are comfortable, and can migrate easily around your space.

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