(Image credit: Nancy Mitchell)

Spring is a great time to revitalize a space — but you may not have the extra money lying around for an expensive overhaul. No matter. Here are several quick, easy, and inexpensive improvements that will give you a new look in no time.

  • PAINT is the obvious choice for freshening up a room on the cheap, but be careful not to rush into it. I happen to agree with the advice to live with things a little while before you paint, both in order to see how the room feels and how it reflects light (or doesn't).
  • LIGHTING is a critical and easy upgrade for any outdated room. Resist turning on that overhead and go out and scour estate sales for awesome, inexpensive lighting. If you do buy vintage though, remember that your budget could get sunk into rewiring, so check that first!
  • Reflect that light with MIRRORS. Mirrors can add so much warmth and depth to a space, especially if it's a small one.
  • While you've got the nails out, don't forget to hang some ART! It doesn't have to be costly. Again, a good thrift store score can do wonders.
  • Change the HARDWARE. Replacing outdated cabinet pulls and 1980s brass towel holders will help you breathe easier, figuratively speaking.
  • PLANTS will help you literally to breathe easier. Plus, hey — they look great. I'm currently caring for succulents, the fashionable fiddle leaf fig, and an orchid, and with minimal tending, so far so good.
  • PILLOWS are perhaps the most obvious choice, no? Think about what style you want to convey — do you have a particular color scheme? Are you going for Boho chic, Hollywood Regency, Traditional Modern? Your cushion choice can go a long way towards creating a particular look.
  • Think about what ACCESSORIES you already own. Depending on your situation, this could involve whittling down, or assembling existing pieces into one space. Proper arrangement on a shelf or coffee table can help your place feel more inviting.
  • Remember to THRIFT, BARTER, and DO-IT-YOURSELF for the best bargains.