Room for Color 2010: The Final Four!

Welcome to the finals of our 2010 Room for Color Contest! The four US entries above have been chosen by YOU as representing the most beautiful use of color in a home this year. Now it's time to decide the winners.

Until Friday, everyone gets one more vote to choose THE MOST BEAUTIFUL room and award the winner tons of paint and a super design getaway weekend in NYC.

Check each entry, vote carefully, and tell your friends.

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Joshua's "Vintage Primary" Room

Name: Joshua
Location: Brooklyn, New York
Division: East

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Annalea's "Keep On The Sunny Side" Room

Name: Annalea
Location: Champaign, Illinois
Division: North

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Janelle's "Viva La Femme" Room

Name: Janelle
Location: Washington D.C.
Division: South

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Suzanne's "Bohemian" Bedroom

Name: Suzanne
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
Division: West

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