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Minneapolis, MN
Inspiration for my palette:
Primarily, I wanted this room to be a bright, lively space for dinner parties with friends. I also wanted a fun backdrop to showcase stories of my parents and my childhood. The piano is from my home growing up in Arizona (the cactus is in honor of my home state as well), the crewel wall hanging in the yellow frame was made by my mom in the 70's, and the records above the record player are a nod to my dad's musical influence in my life.
Colors used in my room:
Hummingbird Blue by Martha Stewart is the wall color, with accents of red and yellow. When the Long Minnesota Winter started to get to me last year I added some plants as well, which added a lot of green to the mix.
Tips for using color successfully:
When I first bought my house I knew I wanted a colorful home but didn't quite know how to execute that idea. My cousin advised me to consider how the different rooms flow together as you walk through the house and to make sure every room ultimately "worked" with one other. That advice became foundation for choosing wall colors and helped steer me towards a more cohesive feel, despite the the fact that almost every room is a different color!
Teal Appeal