Room Tour: Ian's Whimsical Forest

Room Tour: Ian's Whimsical Forest

Julia Cho
Apr 29, 2009

Name: Ian
Location: Yonkers, NY

We're rounding out our small spaces theme this month and about to jump into the Smaller Cooler Contest, so it seems a perfect time to highlight Ian's nursery- originally an open dining area enclosed to create this 7' x 12' whimsical room with plenty of multi-tasking furniture for maximum storage.

With inspiration from her sister-in-law's home layout and her father-in-law's help, Celina and her husband transformed this open dining layout into a cozy room for Ian.

We asked mom Celina about some of the challenges of making this space work. Not surprisingly, it was storage.

"Our main challenge has definitely been storage.  We've tackled the issue by planning ahead and adapting as new needs come up. 
We quickly realized we couldn't fit a dresser, changer, wardrobe, and toy storage in the room.  So we started trying to plan creative ways to hold everything Ian needed.  We picked furniture that could do double duty (ex. the dresser was also a changing table) and focused on adding storage anywhere we could."