Rope Light in the Bathroom

Rope Light in the Bathroom

Mar 6, 2008

We put up this rope light in our bathroom right before the holiday season this year, in an attempt to add a little magic to the winter. Several months later and heading into spring we still love it, and it doesn't feel "holiday" to us at all. The best part? It gives off some of the most flattering (if slightly dim) light we've ever experienced in a bathroom.

We used two ropes (an 18' and a 24') for this design, attaching them to the wall with the included clips (and some drywall anchors). For ease of use we used an adapter to plug them into the light socket, so they work with the wall switch.

Rope light is easy to find around the holidays in any store that carries Christmas lights, but it's also available from numerous online sources, including Amazon, which has 24' for $17.78.

(ReEdited from 2007-11-15 - EC)

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