Ropes, Knots, & Lights: Sailor's (& Citygirl's) Delight

Ropes, Knots, & Lights: Sailor's (& Citygirl's) Delight

Tess Wilson
Jul 22, 2011

Rope is just so pretty and timeless, like braided hair. When combined with artful, looping knots, and sparkly lights, rope light fixtures could fit into almost any decor, from sea to knotted-and-shining sea …

• The Manila Rope Lights are made by Atelier 688 of Toronto, and I want several of them. Each light is 12-feet of 2-inch diameter rope (that's a hefty rope!), but custom sizes are available. So, so pretty…
• I admire Seth Quest's Knot Lights every time I walk past (or into) Four Barrel Coffee. The sculptures are so deeply, incredibly dense and black, making the little twinkles of light appear otherworldly and welcome. Seth has such a varied body of work – his projects and products are fascinating – but the Knot Light is still my favorite.
• And now we come to the covetable work of Lindsey Adelman. Her Knotty Bubbles (shown in the 3rd & 4th photos above) are part of her Hanging Lights series, and they are bewitching, like objects that washed up on the shore. The arrangement of the beautiful hand-blown glass bubbles and the perfectly tangled ropes are impeccable. I don't see the two pieces above on her site, but a similar pendant is available for $2,900.
• The last rope light shown above is a bit of a mystery. It is "LED Rope Light Translucent Knitting" that I found on (of course), along with this description: "Such a complex knot, LED lighting home feel more like a notebook of mankind's oldest methods of mysterious Jieshengjishi, each piece is unique design, the designer from hand-woven in France and Germany." Intriguing. I haven't been able to find LED Knitting anywhere else- have you seen it anywhere? Do you think it would look cool, or tacky?

Images: Rope Light by Atelier 688, Knot Light by Seth Quest, Knotty Bubbles from Lindsey Adelman via Honestly...WTF & Seesaw , LED Knitting from LEDs News

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