Rosie Flo Coloring Books

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Roz Streeten has created a new kind of coloring book with her Rosie Flo series. She frequently found herself pressed into service to draw things for her two daughters - their most frequent request being dresses to which they would add heads, legs, arms and color.

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Roz took care to avoid some of the things about coloring books that frustrated her as a child: the lines are thin so the activity doesn't look dumbed down for very young children, the paper is thick so colors don't bleed through (this really used to bug us, too) and they're sturdy and small enough to tuck in a bag for travel and outings.

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There are several titles of Rosie Flo coloring books: the original Rosie Flo, Rosie Flo's Garden, Rosie Flo's Holiday, Rosie Flo's Night-time (printed on black paper), Rosie Flo's Animals and Rosie Flo's Games. Their popularity led to the creation of Johnny Joe and Johnny Joe's Time Travel.

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You can learn more about Rosie Flo and Johnny Joe at Roz's website and also see a gallery of colored pages by young artists. Some of the coloring books are available through Amazon and a greater selection can be found at their U.S. stockists, Spunky Sprout and Sons and Daughters.

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