Ross's Vintage Modern School-Themed Marvel

Ross's Vintage Modern School-Themed Marvel

Sarah Rae Smith
Aug 15, 2011

Name: Ross (16 months)
Location: Lexington, SC
Room Size: 11' x 12'

You know you've hit the nail on the head when it comes to interior design for kids when you just can't stop smiling after you're all done. We're not sure about this family, but we're grinning ear to ear at all the thrifted finds and diy projects in this space. It's part vintage, part modern and it just makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Holly Marsh is the woman behind this creative space. She blogs at Life as a Thrifter where she describes herself as a 'full time mom and part time thrift addict'. Holly is a patient thrifter and her daughter Ross's space is full of unique, pre-loved items that she collected over time. She also used to work as a teacher and couldn't help incorporating some schoolhouse elements into her room.

The items in this space make a big impact on the senses, from the full wall of alphabet letters to the giant orange rug circles. It's a space that makes you happy and looks like a fun room to explore as a child. Ross is in love, just take the tour and find out why!