atla-072908-beds01.jpgAs much as we love Ikea, we've always thought their beds a little too utilitarian for our high thread count bedroom tastes. But lately, they've been surprising us with their offerings including baroque headboards and upholstered bedframes. If you're in the market for a new bed, consider our picks from their line. Our suggestions and ways to spruce 'em up, after the jump...

  • Grimmen Upholstered Bed for $499: Modern and masculine, we'd like it with simple cantilevered wood grain nightstands, white sheets bordered with a dark green or black stripe and dark walls.
  • Manger Headboard for $79. Coordinates with the Hemnes Series. Paint it a bright color for a lot of impact at a little price. A great temporary solution.
  • Vanvik Bed for $399. A girly bed. We'd use a lower mattress than the one they pair it with to make the headboard feel higher. Go all out by pairing it with Les Indiennes bedding or mix and match a variety of white lacy linens and let the bed stand out.
  • Grimstad Upholstered Bed for $599. Good lines. A nice choice for a couple. Coordinates with the Malm series. This bed can go either way -- traditional or modern, city or country -- depending on what you pair it with.
  • Hemnes Four Poster Bed for $299. Already a classic, this is Ikea's take on the spare four-poster trend. Spruce it up by painting it with automotive paint or liming the wood. Keep the other items in the room to a minimum: round simple nightstands, a fluffy sheepskin rug, a modern chair and let the bed do all the talking. Or, underscore the drama of its past with flowy drapery.
  • Malm Bedframe for $199. A lot of bed for a little money. Try staining it a dark walnut for a different look (lighter than the black-brown option they offer, we'd let the grain show through).