Look!: Paint By Numbers Pet Portraits

Look!: Paint By Numbers Pet Portraits

Beth Zeigler
Sep 4, 2008

090408paint-01.jpgAhhh...we absolutely adore paint by numbers portraits. The organization of painting in the little numbered areas with their corresponding paint--absolutely soothing. We blame it on the fact that we have a warm place in our heart for all things organized but we're kind of in love with the vintage vibe we get from these pet by numbers--we mean paint by numbers. More after the jump...

A Pet-By-Number Kit Contains:

  • Pre-printed artist's canvas based on your photograph.
  • Custom-mixed acrylic paints in numbered and lidded jars
  • 2 artist's brushes
  • Printed guide to your finished portrait.
  • 8x10, $110

The photo Paint-By-Number kit entitles you to

  • 1 personalized paint-by-number kit of your photograph
  • 42 acrylic paints,
  • 2 brushes
  • Numbered outline on art paper or canvas
  • A reference sheet of the outline in case you paint over a number
  • 11x14, $65.95

And for those of you who aren't crafty we found these paint by number postcards from Providence ready to mail (or frame as a group for an easy DIY). 8 for $18

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