10 Digital Kitchen Scales We Love


A little over a year ago, our sister site the Kitchn extolled the virtues of the kitchen scale. I had, like the author of this post thought that kitchen scales were something for calorie counters and that I was quite alright baking using my measuring cups. After reading this post and taking a few pastry classes at culinary school, I began to feel the need for a little digital kitchen scale of my own.

Due to space constraints in my tiny apartment, I decided to consider only digital scales. Digital kitchen scales are also light, accurate, and give you a reading quickly and their small footprint makes them perfect for a small apartment kitchen. In compiling this list we considered aesthetics along with reviews since this was going to be an item that was going to be stored in plain site when not in use. Here is our roundup of the ten digital kitchen scales, just in time for your Thanksgiving baking needs.

What do you think? Have you had any experiences with any of these scales? Have we left out your favorite digital kitchen scale?