After posting about Intelligentsia's vertical garden we felt compelled to dig a bit deeper and find some other way cool gardens that make good use of vertical space. Not only are they a great option for small spaces, but there are even some that work well in small indoor spaces. Jump below for some of the most inspiring vertical gardens we've seen:

1. Jean Nouvel's Musee du Quai Branly
2. Patrick Blanc is a leading living wall designer. He's designed many installations that are more like living architecture than anything else.
3. Flora Grubb up in the Bay Area has done a bunch of residential installations of living walls. We love the spare nature of these epiphytes.
4. The Siam Paragon Shopping Center in Bangkok designed by Patrick Blanc has plants hanging on the inside. He developped a system for the plants to create their own climate so that they could survive air conditioning.
5. The Marvimom House has taken advantage of the nice weather here in Southern California and have cultivated quite a striking living wall on an interior courtyard brick wall.
6. Jill's Vertical Garden caught our eye because it looks to be a diy project for a backyard used to grow vegetables and lettuce. We love seeing the idea applied to smaller spaces to grow really useful plants.
7.This overgrown wall from Patrick Blanc recalls the hanging gardens of Babylon. (Honestly we could do a top ten of just his living walls, but we're trying to break it up a bit).
8. Smog Shoppe in Culver City use wooly pocket system on the wall surrounding their building. These can be used indoors too!
9. Small Space Vertical Gardens can go a long way towards making a small balcony feel like paradise. We love seeing how people apply the large scale architecture of living walls to real life spaces at home.